DIRECTDerm for Health Plans

Here’s how you and your subscribers can benefit from DirectDerm.

  • DirectDerm helps you and your policyholders save money, providing convenience, efficiency, diagnostic accuracy and complete follow-up care.
  • One plan saw a 65 percent reduction in cost per case
  • With DirectDerm, skin problems meet their match. More than 90 percent of cases handled through a DirectDerm consultation had no claims history of further dermatology in-person office visits.
  • The right diagnosis leads to the right treatment and dramatically lower pharmacy charges.
  • For serious concerns, such as skin cancers, early diagnosis is crucial. Getting answers in hours instead of weeks or months protects patient health and reduces risks and costs.
  • DirectDerm dermatologists are team players, enabling providers and health plans to provide highly specialized dermatology care as part of comprehensive continuum of care.
  • With a national shortage of dermatologists, access to DirectDerm’s services can be a valued benefit as part of a health plan.


  • All DirectDerm consultants are board-certified dermatologists trained at the leading medical centers in the United States.
  • DirectDerm’s diagnostic accuracy is equivalent to an in-office visit, but without the wait.
  • Within 48 hours – often within 24 – patients and their health care providers receive a full report with diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Providers and their patients can access DirectDerm quickly and easily from anywhere at any time.
  • DirectDerm dermatologists have expertise in the skin-care needs of patients of all ages. Several are board-certified in pediatric dermatology.
  • DirectDerm consultants ensure that patients are scheduled appropriately and expeditiously for any needed procedures or follow-up, in-person visits.

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To learn more or join DirectDerm as a referring provider or partner, please contact us. One of our representatives will be in touch soon to provide more detailed information.

“Through the telemedicine support that DirectDerm provides, we were able to reduce our backlog to nothing in 90 days.”

Doug Robertson
Regional Services Director
Hill Physicians Medical Group