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DirectDerm’s diagnostic accuracy rate is equivalent to that of an in-office visit, so you and your patients get reliable, effective treatment options in hours. Patient satisfaction goes up as sick time and treatment costs come down.

melanoma-cost-infographic-squareIn one case study, a patient referred to DirectDerm had been misdiagnosed with a fungal infection of the foot. After three months, three visits to a doctor and four prescriptions, the lesions had failed to improve. DirectDerm dermatologists quickly identified the true source of the problem – a reaction to a drug the patient had been taking. When the medication was stopped, the problem resolved, saving the patient from further discomfort, repeated office visits and pharmacy costs.

In another case, our doctors detected a melanoma on the scalp of a very young patient, and the lesion was surgically removed within a week. At the early, precancerous stage that it was detected (melanoma in situ), the five-year survival rate is nearly 100 percent and the average cost of care is less than $5,000. But if the disease progresses unchecked, survival statistics drop dramatically and costs soar into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These are just two examples of the dramatic impact that DirectDerm has on improving patient care and outcomes and reducing costs for payers.

For each entity with an interest in patients’ skin health, having DirectDerm on the team allows you to offer a one-stop skin-care solution that is effective, simple, fast and affordable.

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"We find that the cost of the treatments over time is lower than some traditional avenues for dermatology."

Johnathan Yeh, Pharm. D.

Director of Clinical Programs

Health Plan of San Joaquin


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