Referring Patients is Easy

“I first found out about DirectDerm two years ago through our clinic director. He, like me, understood the needs of our community and the challenges we face trying to connect our patients with specialists.”

“I was very excited to offer this kind of service to my patient population who is in dire need of access to this specialty care.”


How to Refer Patients

After you sign up for a free, secure account, enter your patient’s demographic information and medical history. Next, use our skin evaluation form to describe the problem. Then take pictures of the skin problem and upload them to our secure website, following the instructions and tips we provide along the way.

Within two days, you will receive an email notification that the consult report is ready. Just log back in to your secure account to retrieve it.

If you have further questions for the dermatologist, we provide secure online messaging, or you can contact us by phone. We believe that an open, two-way dialogue improves patient care, and technology can remove barriers that have traditionally limited communication between primary care providers and specialists.

To learn more or join DirectDerm as a referring provider, please contact us. One of our representatives will be in touch soon to provide more detailed information.

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"DirectDerm has been instrumental in life-saving consults that we were able to attain in the hospital, which is unheard of...  "

David Eibling, MD

Regional Medical Director

Molina Healthcare


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