Noah Craft, MD, PhD

RESIDENCY (Dermatology): UCLA
BOARD-CERTIFIED: The American Board of Dermatology

People sometimes wonder if pictures of a skin condition show enough detail for a dermatologist to make an accurate diagnosis. They should ask Dr. Craft. He is editor of a textbook that shows doctors how it’s done. “VisualDx: Essential Adult Dermatology” contains 700 full-color images showing skin disorders, and thousands more images are available online.

Dr. Craft is the CEO of Science 37, a clinical research company based in Los Angeles where he conducts research on skin conditions and other medical problems. His participation with DirectDerm allows him to also provide teledermatology care for patients in several small clinics in rural areas of California.

When Dr. Craft was in medical school, he studied in Brazil for a month. “I became interested in how infections interact with the skin. I decided I wanted to learn how the body accepts some bacteria as friends, but fights others. The skin seemed like the best place to start,” he said. Following up on this interest, he studied tropical medicine at a school in England. His other professional interests include infectious disease and skin cancer.


Medical Degree – UCLA.
Ph.D. (Molecular Biology) – UCLA Molecular Biology Institute.
Residency (Dermatology) – UCLA.
Certified – The American Board of Dermatology.
Fellow – American Academy of Dermatology.
Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.


Director – Center for Immunotherapeutics Research, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute
Former Associate Professor – Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.
Former Associate Residency Program Director – Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.


Tropical dermatology, infectious diseases, skin cancer.